11th RRU

In August 1965, Co B, 313th USASA BN Abn at Ft. Campbell, KY was informed of a deployment with HQ 1st Inf Div out of Ft. Riley, KS. On August 29, 1965 David L. Bunker assumed command of Company B, 313th USASA BN.. (about 3 weeks before scheduled deployment.) In addition to some last minute personnel actions and completing some mandatory deployment training requirements, the major action remaining before deployment was preparation and out loading of vehicles and equipment on to railroad cars. The later was accomplished by unit personnel under the supervision of post transportation. This was done while Fort Campbell was being subject to some really nasty weather from hurricane Betsy, a category 4 storm.

The vehicles, equipment and supplies left Fort Campbell about 10 days before the personnel. One NCO SFC Thomas J. Scrodin was sent with equipment. The plan was the ship carrying the vehicles and equipment would arrive in Vietnam at about the same time as the personnel.

Other than what the individuals could carry and the Crypto gear, they were limited to taking 3 Conex containers on the ship. These were packed with a couple of tents, some mess equipment, weapons, miscellaneous supplies and a whole lot of C-Rations. Due to an outstanding effort on the part of Company personnel they were ready to deploy about five days before scheduled departure date. Rather than sitting around Ft Campbell waiting, the commander decided to issue 3 day passes to anyone who wanted one. The Bn Commander was notified of what was going on and requested permission to waive the travel restrictions. (At that time there was a 250 mile limit for 3 day passes).

Around 11 PM on Sept 29, 1965 Co B with 116 personnel departed Ft. Campbell on Caribbean Airlines (a charter flight). Landed in California and was transported by bus to the ship arriving about midnight California time. Already on board were elements of the lst Infantry Division and some other units. The ship the USNS Barrett departed the next day on Sept 30, 1965.

The trip to Vietnam took about 22 days. At Guam the ship had to refuel and all the troops were taken to one of the recreational beaches and treated to a Bar-B-Q and some liquid refreshments. Because of a limited number vehicles, troops were transported back to the ship in relays. When we found out that we were going to be the last group, most of us formed up in Company formation and *double timed* back to the ship with an Airborne attitude. ( Each time we passed another unit or they passed us (in the trucks) we would serenade them with the Mickey Mouse Club theme song.)

A few days before reaching Nam, in accordance with orders, we changed our unit designation to the 11th RRU and our insignia from MI to Signal Corp.

We arrived at Vung Tau, South Vietnam on Oct 20, 1965. After a short pause on the beach and getting organized, we boarded aircraft and flew from Vung Tau to Bien Hoa where we got transportation to the lst Division staging area at Long Bien. Lt. Joe D. Button and other members of Det 2 were waiting for us at Bien Hoa and escorted us to the staging area. Lt Button provided us with a jeep and a 3/4ton so that we would have some transportation of our own.

On 25 Nov 1965 Det 2, 3rd RRU was officially deactivated. Personnel were reassigned to the 11th Radio Research Unit.

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