The 3rd RRU arrives in Viet Nam - May 13, 1961

Det 2, 3rd RRU

In June 1965 - orders were received all over the continental United States for personnel to report to Ft. Lewis, WA. The 405th U.S. Army Security Agency Detachment was organized and trained for an over seas deployment. Due to the nature and location of the deployment the 405th was to use the cover name Detachment 2, 3rd Radio Research Unit.

In the early morning hours of 25 June 1965 Det 2 departed Seattle/Tacoma airport for a flight to San Francisco, CA. They arrived at the Oakland Naval Supply Center around noon and boarded the U.S.N.S. Gordon. Det 2 was now officially in support of the 2nd Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division out of Ft. Riley, KA. The major body of the detachment were billeted in compartment 4-1-1, which is the lowest level of the ship and the furthest forward less the Brig/Jail.

In the late afternoon the U.S.N.S Gordon departed Oakland on a twenty day (20) cruise to South Vietnam.

To the best of our knowledge - the following personnel made that journey:

CO 1st Lt. Joe D. Button - Signal Intelligence Officer
XO 2nd Lt. George C. Lang - Signal Intelligence Officer
Det NCOIC S/Sgt Donald D. Blake - EW/Sigint Morse Interceptor
Ops NCOIC S/Sgt Kenneth C. Kraft - Signal Intelligence Analyst

Enlisted Personnel Alphabetically

Carlos L. "Sonny" Andrews - Signal Supply And Parts Specialist
Bruce A. Baumler - EW/Sigint Morse Interceptor
Allan R. Bomhard - Voice Interceptor - Linguist (French)
Dennis E. Book - EW/Sigint Morse Interceptor
Joseph W. Carter - Field Radio Repair
Jerry E. Cecil - Voice Interceptor - Linguist (Vietnamese)
Jon C. Cherry - EW/Sigint Morse Interceptor
Larrymore R. Combs - Communications Security Analyst
Charles W. Cox - Radio Teletype Operator
Wayne D. Daberkow - Field Radio Repair
Robert L. Deal - Clerk
William Dodd - Quartermaster Supply Specialist
William E. "Buzz" Eleazer - Signal Security Specialist
Dale O. Ellingson - Radio Teletype Operator
Jerry J. "Jay" Falgout - EW/Sigint Morse Interceptor
Stephen Fox - Linguist (French)
John L. Green - Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
Earl R. "Popeye" Hatch - Light-Wheel Vehicle Mechanic
Robert J. Iacino - Terminal Receiving System Repairman
Lawrence J. Koteski - EW/Sigint Morse Interceptor
Richard E. Lee - Linguist (French) Team Chief
Gary D. Marstrell - Voice Interceptor - Linguist (Vietnamese)
Gary S. Mathews - Radio Teletype Team Chief
John D. Mattingly - General Crypto Repairman
Ceferino A. "Jose" Mendez - Radio Teletype Operator
Donald W. Messerle - Signals Intelligence Analyst
Louis P. Michalak - Radio Teletype Team Chief
Kenneth L. Mizell - Teletypwriter Repairer
William J. Page - Signal Security Team Chief
Jerome C. Peterson - Voice Interceptor - Linguist (Vietnamese)
Dennis D. St.Germaine - Signals Intelligence Analyst
Rolland D. Schearer - Voice Interceptor - Linguist (Vietnamese)
Orval C. Sheese - Signal Security Specialist
John S. Shelton - Signal Security Specialist
Edward F. Sutkas - Power Generation Equipment Operator/Mechanic
Robert C. "Swaney" Swankoski - Signals Intelligence Analyst
Allan B. Taber - Voice Interceptor - Linguist (French)
Lee E. Webb - General Intercept Equipment Repairman
Odell Williams - EW/Sigint Morse Intercept Team Chief
Michael M. Zenone - EW/Sigint Morse Interceptor

On 12 July 1965 the U.S.N.S. Gordon arrived at Cam Rahn Bay, South Vietnam. Elements of the 2nd Bde,
1st Inf were disembarked.

The Gordon arrived at Vung Tau, South Vietnam on 13 July 1965 - by 14 July 1965 the last of 2nd Bde along
with Det 2 made an assault landing on the beach at Vung Tau, in view of the swimmers and sun bathers on the beach.

After processing with the 3rd Radio Research Unit at Davis Station - Tan Son Nhut Air Base a small group of Det 2 began securing their assigned area with the 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division on 18 July 1965.
This area was referred to as Bien Hoa - actually the northeast corner of the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 15. Det 2 operated from this location until 25 Nov 1965 when they were officially disbanded and made part of the 11th Radio Research unit under the command of David L. Bunker.

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