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Military sites:

Wittness to War - The Witness to War Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving the stories and unique experiences of combat veterans. It was founded in an attempt to answer the unanswerable: What was it like to be there?

These are the stories of scared 18 and 19 year olds thrust into circumstances of such intensity and violence, that they became the defining moments of their lives.

Links to other ASA sites:

Old Spooks and Spies - This site is sponsored by Southeast Asia Army Security Agency Veterans Association, a tax-exempt non-profit membership organization. The association sponsors annual reunions service projects and writing contests, as well as maintaining this Web site and Internet discussion groups. - ASA LIVES! (TM) is a privately constructed, and closed database available
ONLY to former members of the Army Security Agency 1945-1976

You must have the "need to know" to access. This is a "me, myself and I" proposition,
and as I am still a working stiff, taken on as a part-time, time consuming "hobby"!

The SOLE PURPOSE of this website is devoted to REUNITING OLD LIVING FRIENDS of the
Army Security Agency, active years 1945-1976
+ (more or less)

ASA Online - The ASA ONLINE is dedicated to ALL the men and women who served as the eyes and ears of the US Army and the Nation in peace time and in wars both Cold and Hot . On top of mountains,on islands,in jungles and deserts on the sea and in the air In places most Americans never heard of... places we will never forget. This is OUR story told by those of us who were there.

The National Army Security Agency Association (NASAA) - An organization dedicated to preserving the history, memories, and friendships derived from serving in the ASA during the years of its existence 1945 - 1977. We watched and listened around the world and served in countless countries. We passed the flag to INSCOM in 1977. May they preserve our fine heritage and tradition of service. ASA and INSCOM soldiers are eligible for full membership in the NASAA.

United States Army Security Agency Page of Recognition - A page on the Ultimate Sacrifice VietNam site telling the story of the ASA at most sites and times around the world.

United States Army Security Agency in Thailand - The History of the 5th RRU(p), 83rd RRSOU & 7th RRFS from September 1959 to June 20, 1976

The "ASA Alpiners" Reunion Group - Reunion site for ASA veterans who served in Germany and/or Austria. Overview, news, history references, and photos.

ASA Korea Home Page - An organization dedicated to vetrans who served with the ASA in Korea in all years.

The ASA - One man's story.

The Arizona Army Security Agency Association (AZASAA)- An organization dedicated to preserving the history, memories, and friendships derived from serving in the ASA during the years of its existence 1945 - 1976.

318th ASA site - I did my basic at Ft. Dix from 6/62 - 8/62 then went to Ft. Devens until April 1963. After Devens I was assigned to Hq. & Hq., 318th ASA Bn. Herzo Base, COMSEC, from April 1963 until June 1965.

SIGINT and ASA History - We welcome all ASA Graphics and Photographs that our members wish to submit. Please email them to the webmaster at with the subject: NASAA graphics. Please describe the contents of the graphic or photo in the email. Give the locations taken, approx year, unit and the names of anyone in the picture that you know.

My Four Years in the ASA: 1966 - 70 - A site by Terry Hicks, CWO3, RETIRED, former 05K (059), D (056), and H (058)

409TH RRD VIETNAM 66-71- On 8 April 1966, the Army Security Agency activated the 409th Army Security Agency Detachment at Fort George G Meade Maryland. The 80 man Detachment was designed specifically to support the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment. On 18 August 1966, the 409thASA Detachment (known in Vietnam as the 409th Radio Research Detachment) was deployed with the Regiment to Vietnam.

ASA Frankfurt Group - This site is dedicated to those US Army Data Processing Veterans who served with the Army Security Agency in Frankfurt, Germany during the years 1954- 1959.

Herzo Survivor -This Site is dedicated to those ASA Veterans & Support Personnel who served at Herzo Base, Germany. From 1946 to mid 1970's.

8th RRFS, Phu Bai, Viet Nam 1968-1969 - This site is meant to display the photographs and stories of my time in Vietnam (8th RRFS), but also contains some stories and photos of my time at Ft. Devens, Arlington Hall Station, and Two Rock Ranch.I arrived in Phu Bai during the last of 'Big Tet'. Yea, what a time to arrive in 'Nam but there it is! -- Read on to see how I ended up in Phu Bai.

Life's Little Adventures - - Army life in the late 1950s was different from what it is today. Despite there being no immediate threat of a war there was still a draft, so the armed forces were much larger than they needed to be. That left a lot of time to play. I did plenty of that during my 2+ years in the Army Security Agency, stationed in Tokyo, but we also did our little part in fighting the Cold War,

Lee-Jacksom Militaria - - This is a commercial site but this page is all ASA patches and stuff from around the world.

- Vietnam War Web Resources

asknod- The VA Claims Blog

- Army Securiety Agency Veterans website

Mesothelioma Fund - A website with info and resources for veterans with mesotheloma cancer

Mesothelioma.NET - Another website with info and resources for veterans with mesotheloma cancer

Veterans and Addiction: A Guide for 2019 - A site discussing ubstance Use Disorders among Military Veterans

At-Home Services that Can Help Senior Veterans-Various low cost and free things that can help in this time of Covid-19

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